FS 35 5000M

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FS 35 5000M

Art. 984 is manufactured in the same way as FS No 40 & FS No 50, with a smooth structure and high tenacity core yarn. This ensures it is trouble free at top speeds for embroidery and decorative stitching. Pure silver coating grants classical richness to the embroidery.
FS 35 5000M

Color:coral ArtNo:9843519

Color:emerald ArtNo:9843558

Color:sapphire ArtNo:9843537

Color:copper 2 ArtNo:9843527

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9843565

Color:amethyst ArtNo:9843539

Color:tiger eye ArtNo:9843526

Color:black pearl ArtNo:9843560

Color:cobalt ArtNo:9843538

Color:copper 1 ArtNo:9843528

Color:graphite ArtNo:9843571

Color:aquamarine ArtNo:9843533U