9126 AEROFIL 120 1000M

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9126 AEROFIL 120 1000M

For general use and for all fabrics and seams
9126 AEROFIL 120 1000M
Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:white super ArtNo:91268010

Color:white snow ArtNo:91268011

Color:white natural ArtNo:91268020

Color:yellow pale ArtNo:91268220

Color:yellow ArtNo:91268229

Color:yellow ArtNo:91269360

Color:orange ArtNo:91268765

Color:orange dark ArtNo:91268651

Color:pink ArtNo:91269150

Color:burgundy ArtNo:91268350

Color:red ArtNo:91268734

Color:ruby ArtNo:91269470

Color:red ArtNo:91268380

Color:orange ArtNo:91268678

Color:pink ArtNo:91269915

Color:burgundy ArtNo:91268811

Color:blue baby ArtNo:91269320

Color:blue royal ArtNo:91269330

Color:white ArtNo:91269660

Color:blue ArtNo:91268750

Color:blue navy ArtNo:91268420

Color:lilac ArtNo:91269130

Color:navy ArtNo:91269670

Color:pink ArtNo:91269160

Color:ceries ArtNo:91269984

Color:purple ArtNo:91268722

Color:purple ArtNo:91268320

Color:blue jeans ArtNo:91268934

Color:jade ArtNo:91268510

Color:green ArtNo:91268500

Color:mint ArtNo:91268730

Color:green dark ArtNo:91268790

Color:green light ArtNo:91268995

Color:green dark ArtNo:91269902

Color:green ArtNo:91268992

Color:green ArtNo:91268648

Color:sage ArtNo:91268996

Color:green bottle ArtNo:91268473

Color:green dark ArtNo:91268704

Color:green dark ArtNo:91268795

Color:ecru ArtNo:91268821

Color:beige ArtNo:91268822

Color:beige ArtNo:91269490

Color:brown ArtNo:91269730

Color:greybrown ArtNo:91269290