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COTTON / WOOL 50, 30, 80 & 12

For unlimited creativity for your hand-crafted look, vintage or volume embroidery designs, we offer a smooth-running wool or cotton machine embroidery thread. Depending on the type of application and the desired result, Cottona is available in a 100% cotton or Lana a wool-acrylic mixture. It is particularly suitable for knitwear, chenille, loop pile or chain stitch embroideries, as well as fashion and street wear embroideries.

9350 COTONA 50 1000M

Art. 9350 for general use

9330 COTONA 30 200M

Art. 9330 for deco and filling large areas

9331 COTONA 30 MULTI 400M

Art. 9331 for deco and filling large areas

9380 COTONA 80 200M

Art. 9380 extra fine for detail and letters

9312 LANA 12

Wool embroidery thread for furry designs.


Beautiful - Practical - Affordable: These sets provide a wide range of colours


Displays are the perfect decision to have an optimal choice of colors.