FIRE FIGHTER 40 950M (25G)

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FIRE FIGHTER 40 950M (25G)

Art. 922 Flame-resistant thread, when heat protection is required
FIRE FIGHTER 40 950M (25G)

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:mint ArtNo:9221845

Color:green ArtNo:9221851

Color:emerald ArtNo:9221651

Color:orange ArtNo:9221965

Color:red ArtNo:9221838

Color:red ArtNo:9221747

Color:red wine ArtNo:9221784

Color:pink ArtNo:9221815

Color:blue pale ArtNo:9221874

Color:blue ArtNo:9221977

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9221842

Color:blue dark ArtNo:9221643

Color:yellow ArtNo:9221924

Color:gold ArtNo:9221624

Color:gold ArtNo:9221725

Color:brown ArtNo:9221957

Color:brown dark ArtNo:9221859

Color:beige ArtNo:9221884

Color:sand ArtNo:9221682

Color:white ArtNo:9221803

Color:silver grey ArtNo:9221610

Color:grey ArtNo:9221918

Color:grey ArtNo:9221640

Color:black ArtNo:9221800