9127 AEROSTITCH 40 5000M

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9127 AEROSTITCH 40 5000M

Art. 9127 for general use
9127 AEROSTITCH 40 5000M

AEROSTITCH 100% Polyester matt finish embroidery thread. Highly colourfast & light resistant, perfect for outdoor wear & frequent or heavy duty washing. Can also be used for sewing, overlocking and decorative stitching.

Color:lemon ArtNo:91278660

Color:yellow ArtNo:91279980

Color:yellow ArtNo:91279924

Color:yellow pale ArtNo:91278220

Color:yellow ArtNo:91278229

Color:yellow ArtNo:91279360

Color:yellow ArtNo:91279951

Color:yellow ArtNo:91278683

Color:pale yellow ArtNo:91278666

Color:gold ArtNo:91279955

Color:orange light ArtNo:91278652

Color:orange ArtNo:91278765

Color:light orange ArtNo:91278654

Color:orange dark ArtNo:91278651

Color:apricot ArtNo:91278752

Color:peach ArtNo:91278817

Color:rust dark ArtNo:91278638

Color:terracotta ArtNo:91279998

Color:dusty coral ArtNo:91278656

Color:pink pale ArtNo:91279915

Color:coral ArtNo:91279150

Color:old rose ArtNo:91279917

Color:burgundy ArtNo:91278811

Color:pale pink ArtNo:91279816

Color:fuschia ArtNo:91278709

Color:fuchsia ArtNo:91279100

Color:cerise ArtNo:91279984

Color:pink ArtNo:91278721

Color:pink ArtNo:91279160

Color:rose ArtNo:91279111

Color:dark rose ArtNo:91278785

Color:red ArtNo:91279981

Color:red dark ArtNo:91278781

Color:coral ArtNo:91279090

Color:red ArtNo:91279982

Color:red ArtNo:91278747

Color:red ArtNo:91279075

Color:coral ArtNo:91278734

Color:red ArtNo:91279838

Color:red ArtNo:91279470

Color:red ArtNo:91279974

Color:red ArtNo:91278380

Color:red ArtNo:91278637

Color:orange ArtNo:91278201

Color:orange ArtNo:91278678