Company Information

SKOVTEX is a total supplier in embroidery. We sell new and used embroidery machines from HappyJapan as well as other well-known brands. Popular embroidery software from Wings, Wilcom, Compucon and Punto, which we offer service, support and training in. Madeira's fantastic embroidery thread, backing and all their accessories. In addition to this, SKOVTEX also sells: Glue spray, frames, scissors, clothing/teddies for embroidery, twill and felt
SKOVTEX is also a total supplier within sewing and special machines. New and used sewing machines from Juki, Brother, Global, Kansai Special, Siruba, Kingtex, Shingray, Texi, Titan and Zoje. press machines and systems, including machines for color control, cutting machines, cutting rails, laser cutters, strip cutters, fur and embossing machines, transfer presses, steam systems, ironing boards, packing machines and braiding and knitting machines, and we can also offer sewing thread from Alterfil
SKOVTEX also has a hobby department, see
The story:
2019: SKOVTEX has now got a webshop, so it is now possible to order MADEIRA thread online
2018: SKOV becomes SKOVTEX A/S, distributor of JUKI sewing machines and gets a new website with online sales, and the first student is hired
2017: The hobby webshop has been renewed with online sales and distributor of Happy household appliances.
2016: Distributor of Embroider Buddy the lifelike embroidery teddy bears.
2012: Sales begin to increase and new colleagues are hired.
2008: The financial crisis comes and sales fall by 50%. Unfortunately, this means that SKOV says goodbye to good work colleagues, but expands the range with lasers
2005: Skov Industrisymaskiner I/S changes its name to SKOV in the premises at Sandvigvej 2 in Herning and employs ten employees, who all work purposefully to adapt to a changing market in order to continue to meet the wishes and needs of customers.
2002: On 1 January, Ove retires. Michael takes over the company, which he today owns and runs 100%.
1998: SKOV becomes a distributor of MADEIRA thread.
1996: SKOV becomes a distributor of HAPPY embroidery machines.
1992: SKOV becomes a dealer of industrial embroidery machines and software.
1991: Skovs Maskinhandel merges with Michael Skov Industrisymaskiner and becomes SKOV Industrisymaskiner I/S.
1986: Michael starts the company Michael Skov Industrisymaskiner, specializing in sewing machine trading and repair.
1982: Steam and press equipment
1981: The son Michael Skov is trained as a toolmaker and works for a period at Pfaff in Herning, and in that connection is sent to Pfaff in Kaiserslautern, Germany, to participate in sewing machine courses, where he gains great insight into sewing machine mechanics and repair.
1976: The family and the company move to premises at Th. Nielsens Gade in the center of Herning.
1970: Ove starts trading in used industrial sewing machines and eventually changes his specialty.
1967: The company moves to new buildings at Svankevej 4.
1962: Founder Ove Skov, resided at the address Dalgas Alle 12 in Herning. He specializes in industrial sewing machines
At SKOVTEX, we work based on the following values:
Teamwork: We believe that collaboration strengthens efficiency and quality, and our employees thus work together at all levels.
Know-how: Our employees have extensive industry knowledge and this is where we differ from our competitors.
Reliability: We have many years of experience and can offer our customers great professionalism, efficiency and high-quality service.
Development: We think ahead and adapt to market developments so that we can remain competitive.
At SKOVTEX, we work based on the following vision and mission:

We wish:

  To be Denmark's most preferred total supplier within embroidery machines and accessories.
Continue to be able to offer our customers industrial sewing machines as well as pressing machines and plants of high quality.
Continue to be able to meet both new and existing customers' requirements for product quality, efficiency, price, delivery, servicing, cooperation, etc.
To maintain and increase our market share in Denmark.
To remain competitive with our competitors.

We will achieve this by:

Continuously developing and building our product range, especially within embroidery machines and accessories.
Continue to improve the quality of our services, including support, service and training.
Continue to think creatively and see new opportunities within the textile industry.