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VISCOSE 40 & 12

The rayon made from viscose has a similar structure to cotton and therefore offers feel and texture resembling those of natural fibres. The threads are soft, smooth, skin-friendly and pleasant to touch. The embroidered elements are shown in brilliant, vivid colours with a beautiful lustre. The flexibility of Classic threads allows you to embroider anywhere on the garment, in any direction and using diverse techniques. From logos, interior textiles, sportswear and corporate fashion, to leather shoes, accessories and jeans, they easily and beautifully create the most intricate designs on all kinds of materials. Viscose threads are also very gentle on the embroidery machine and run extremely smoothly. Because of the thread’s high lightfastness and resistance to washing temperatures of up to 95°C, the garments can be flexibly cleaned and keep their beauty over time.

9840 RAYON 40 200M

Art. 9840 for general use

9841 RAYON 40 1000M

Art. 9841 for general use


Voluminous embroidery thread made of viscose.


Beautiful - Practical - Affordable: These sets provide a wide range of colours


Displays are the perfect decision to have an optimal choice of colors.