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METALLIC 40, 30 & 12

There are various ways to produce such threads. Most often, a coloured metallic foil is wrapped around a core made, for example, from polyester. But regardless of the manufacturing process, the quality remains a critical criterion when making a choice. Good quality helps during production, as the yarn will not shred on the embroidery machine and the metallic layer won’t split, leaving the core exposed. Additionally, the embroidered or sewn design will have an intense shine that will last. A simple method to test the wrap is by running your fingers down a strand of thread and observing whether the strips of metal are stable or fall off.

9842 METALLIC 40 200M

Art. 9842 for general use

9846 METALLIC 40 1000M

Art. 9846 for general use

9844 HEAVY METAL 30 200M

Art. 9844 for deco and filling large areas

9843 SPECTRA 100M

Art. 9843 for highly sparkling and twinkling effects

9806 GLAMOUR 12 200M

Art. 9806 for three dimensional


Beautiful - Practical - Affordable: These sets provide a wide range of colours


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