CLASSIC 60 1500M

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CLASSIC 60 1500M

Art. 915 Fine thread for clear details, down to 3 mm. Useful in logos, monogramming, contours and fine fabrics.
CLASSIC 60 1500M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:camel ArtNo:9151126

Color:blue light ArtNo:9151027

Color:aquamarine ArtNo:9151279

Color:yellow ArtNo:9151125

Color:cream ArtNo:9151061

Color:gold ArtNo:9151025

Color:gold ArtNo:9151065

Color:gold ArtNo:9151137

Color:gold ArtNo:9151024

Color:lemon ArtNo:9151064

Color:cream ArtNo:9151022

Color:lemon ArtNo:9151023

Color:orange ArtNo:9151021

Color:tangerine ArtNo:9151278

Color:apricot ArtNo:9151152

Color:red ArtNo:9151037

Color:red ArtNo:9151147

Color:red ArtNo:9151484

Color:red ArtNo:9151181

Color:orange ArtNo:9151078

Color:ruby ArtNo:9151039

Color:pink ArtNo:9151114

Color:maroon ArtNo:9151182

Color:pink ArtNo:9151116

Color:pink ArtNo:9151031

Color:pink ArtNo:9151121

Color:pink ArtNo:9151309

Color:pink ArtNo:9151110

Color:pink ArtNo:9151117

Color:maroon light ArtNo:9151119

Color:maroon ArtNo:9151035

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9151166

Color:purple ArtNo:9151122

Color:mauve pale ArtNo:9151080

Color:blue mid ArtNo:9151175

Color:navy light ArtNo:9151242

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9151042

Color:blue midtnight ArtNo:9151176

Color:blue ArtNo:9151134

Color:blue ArtNo:9151133

Color:blue ArtNo:9151074

Color:blue ArtNo:9151076

Color:navy ArtNo:9151243

Color:blue navy ArtNo:9151044

Color:blue mid ArtNo:9151028