TANNE 30 1000M (25G) COP

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TANNE 30 1000M (25G) COP

Art. 931 Soft and strong mercerised Egyptian Cotton with a subtle sheen. Highest quality  and special processes used by Madeira ensure the beautiful colours are wash fast. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification


TANNE 30 1000M (25G) COP

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:dk sm blue ArtNo:931680

Color:royalblue ArtNo:931630

Color:dk sm blue ArtNo:931631

Color:lt dustyblue ArtNo:931570

Color:dusty blue ArtNo:931571

Color:lt turquoise ArtNo:931744

Color:dusty rose ArtNo:931720

Color:bright rose ArtNo:931721

Color:lt dustyrose ArtNo:931632

Color:bright lilac ArtNo:931636

Color:light lilac ArtNo:931640

Color:bright pink ArtNo:931611

Color:pink ArtNo:931709

Color:dk sm pink ArtNo:931595

Color:dk pink ArtNo:931787

Color:dark red ArtNo:931622

Color:red ArtNo:931618

Color:lt orange ArtNo:931606

Color:dk orange ArtNo:931604

Color:dark yellow ArtNo:931772

Color:brgt yellow ArtNo:931771

Color:lt yellow ArtNo:931770

Color:yellow ArtNo:931602

Color:yellow ArtNo:931758

Color:eggshell ArtNo:931738

Color:light yellow ArtNo:931610

Color:sm orange ArtNo:931694

Color:dark curry ArtNo:931760

Color:currybrown ArtNo:931762

Color:brgt khaki ArtNo:931751

Color:khaki ArtNo:931777

Color:lt khaki ArtNo:931711

Color:dk khaki ArtNo:931790

Color:khakigreen ArtNo:931775

Color:light olive ArtNo:931773

Color:olive green ArtNo:931577

Color:dark olive ArtNo:931791

Color:dark olive ArtNo:931794

Color:green ArtNo:931663

Color:lt green ArtNo:931662

Color:light coral ArtNo:931740

Color:light coral ArtNo:931585

Color:coral ArtNo:931700

Color:bright coral ArtNo:931588

Color:brgtcoral ArtNo:931589