FS 45 5000M

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FS 45 5000M

Art. 997

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:gold rose ArtNo:9974521

Color:palladium ArtNo:9974502

Color:gold pure ArtNo:9974503

Color:gold medal ArtNo:9974507

Color:brass ArtNo:9974526

Color:gold antique ArtNo:9974524

Color:silver ArtNo:9974500

Color:aluminium ArtNo:9974501

Color:silver antique ArtNo:9974542

Color:platinum ArtNo:9974562

Color:copper ArtNo:9974528

Color:amethyst ArtNo:9974511

Color:coral ArtNo:9974513

Color:ruby ArtNo:9974515

Color:emerald ArtNo:9974558

Color:malachite ArtNo:9974552

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9974565

Color:sapphire ArtNo:9974537

Color:aquamarine ArtNo:9974533

Color:graphite ArtNo:9974571