CLASSIC 12 2000M

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CLASSIC 12 2000M

Art. 920 The thickest thread for overlocking, edging garments and badges
CLASSIC 12 2000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:yellow ArtNo:9201066

Color:gold ArtNo:9201172

Color:gold dark ArtNo:9201137

Color:gold ArtNo:9201024

Color:yellow ArtNo:9201023

Color:rust ArtNo:9201021

Color:orange ArtNo:9201078

Color:pink ArtNo:9201018

Color:red ArtNo:9201037

Color:red ArtNo:9201147

Color:red ArtNo:9201181

Color:peach dark ArtNo:9201315

Color:wine ArtNo:9201384

Color:pink ArtNo:9201116

Color:pink ArtNo:9201110

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9201166

Color:purple ArtNo:9201112

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9201134

Color:blue ArtNo:9201133

Color:blue ArtNo:9201075

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9201167

Color:blue navy ArtNo:9201243

Color:blue navy ArtNo:9201044

Color:blue light ArtNo:9201153

Color:blue ArtNo:9201132

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9201295

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9201094

Color:green ArtNo:9201103

Color:green ArtNo:9201250

Color:green ArtNo:9201051

Color:green ArtNo:9201047

Color:green ArtNo:9201170

Color:mustard ArtNo:9201070

Color:sand ArtNo:9201225

Color:green sage ArtNo:9201157

Color:cream ArtNo:9201055

Color:mustard dark ArtNo:9201057

Color:brown ArtNo:9201058

Color:fawn ArtNo:9201142

Color:russet ArtNo:9201174

Color:fawn ArtNo:9201128

Color:mushroom ArtNo:9201144

Color:brown ArtNo:9201129

Color:cream ArtNo:9201082

Color:cream ArtNo:9201072