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Art. 982

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:gold mystic ArtNo:982256

Color:green gold ArtNo:982257

Color:gold chinese ArtNo:982255

Color:gold bishop ArtNo:982258

Color:gold antique ArtNo:982251

Color:beige ArtNo:982225

Color:gold white ArtNo:98222

Color:gold palladium ArtNo:98224

Color:gold nugget ArtNo:98225

Color:gold brass ArtNo:982254

Color:gold old brass ArtNo:982252

Color:gold sultan ArtNo:982253

Color:gold pure ArtNo:98223

Color:gold ArtNo:98221

Color:golden linen ArtNo:982226

Color:gold rose ArtNo:982227

Color:gold brocade ArtNo:982228

Color:silver antique ArtNo:982260

Color:silver titanium ArtNo:98244

Color:silver ArtNo:98241

Color:silver chromium ArtNo:98242

Color:black pearl ArtNo:982264

Color:grey carbon ArtNo:982262

Color:black graphite ArtNo:98271

Color:blue granite ArtNo:982261

Color:blue steel ArtNo:982263

Color:blue sky ArtNo:98232

Color:cadmium ArtNo:98243

Color:rose silver ArtNo:98231

Color:gold cameo ArtNo:982126

Color:amber ArtNo:98226

Color:copper ArtNo:98228

Color:copper old ArtNo:98229

Color:bronze ArtNo:98230

Color:blue moonstone ArtNo:98233

Color:turquoise ArtNo:98267

Color:blue crystal ArtNo:98237

Color:beryl ArtNo:98266

Color:malachite ArtNo:98265

Color:green tourmaline ArtNo:98258

Color:green ArtNo:982155

Color:green emerald ArtNo:98257

Color:green glamour ArtNo:98252

Color:green heliodor ArtNo:98251

Color:green ArtNo:982123