CLASSIC 30 3000M

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CLASSIC 30 3000M

Art. 921 for deco and filling large areas
CLASSIC 30 3000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:cream ArtNo:9211123

Color:cream ArtNo:9211066

Color:gold ArtNo:9211171

Color:yellow ArtNo:9211068

Color:lemon ArtNo:9211223

Color:lemon ArtNo:9211135

Color:lemon ArtNo:9211023

Color:gold old ArtNo:9211192

Color:orange ArtNo:9211078

Color:peach pale ArtNo:9211017

Color:peach pale ArtNo:9211018

Color:red ArtNo:9211147

Color:pink ArtNo:9211013

Color:pink pale ArtNo:9211015

Color:pink ArtNo:9211317

Color:coral ArtNo:9211307

Color:rust ArtNo:9211038

Color:pink ArtNo:9211148

Color:maroon ArtNo:9211182

Color:pink ArtNo:9211107

Color:pink pale ArtNo:9211120

Color:pink dark ArtNo:9211184

Color:pink ArtNo:9211116

Color:pink ArtNo:9211108

Color:pink dark ArtNo:9211081

Color:pink ArtNo:9211031

Color:pink ArtNo:9211321

Color:pink pale ArtNo:9211121

Color:pink bright ArtNo:9211309

Color:pink bright ArtNo:9211110

Color:magenta ArtNo:9211187

Color:rose pink ArtNo:9211117

Color:wine ArtNo:9211183

Color:rose dusky ArtNo:9211356

Color:rose dusky ArtNo:9211141

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9211166

Color:lavender ArtNo:9211330

Color:mauve ArtNo:9211033

Color:purple ArtNo:9211122

Color:lilac ArtNo:9211311

Color:purple ArtNo:9211032

Color:plum light ArtNo:9211188

Color:mauve ArtNo:9211080

Color:blue light ArtNo:9211030

Color:airforce ArtNo:9211364