BURMILANA 12 1000M (25G) COP

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BURMILANA 12 1000M (25G) COP

Art. 812 Soft and strong mercerised Egyptian Cotton with a subtle sheen. Highest qualityand same colours as art. 813 but on cone cop.


BURMILANA 12 1000M (25G) COP

Color:light pink ArtNo:8123707

Color:pink ArtNo:8123900

Color:dusty pink ArtNo:8123935

Color:lilac ArtNo:8123834

Color:dark purple ArtNo:8123997

Color:purple ArtNo:8123861

Color:light purple ArtNo:8123942

Color:bluepurple ArtNo:8123945

Color:dark curry ArtNo:8123855

Color:yellow ArtNo:8123850

Color:light yellow ArtNo:8123723

Color:light yellow ArtNo:8123724

Color:curry ArtNo:8123625

Color:dust yellow ArtNo:8123791

Color:light yellow ArtNo:8123912

Color:turquoise ArtNo:8123915

Color:light yellow ArtNo:8123854

Color:eggshell ArtNo:8123964

Color:lime ArtNo:8123980

Color:light lime ArtNo:8123899

Color:light olive ArtNo:8123839

Color:brgt green ArtNo:8123908

Color:light blue ArtNo:8123909

Color:brgt green ArtNo:8123826

Color:brgt green ArtNo:8123827

Color:brgt green ArtNo:8123825

Color:dusty green ArtNo:8123785

Color:light turquoise ArtNo:8123875

Color:light purple ArtNo:8123880

Color:dark green ArtNo:8123822

Color:opal blue ArtNo:8123872

Color:light blue ArtNo:8123910

Color:light blue ArtNo:8123846

Color:blue ArtNo:8123873

Color:bright blue ArtNo:8123810

Color:dust yellow ArtNo:8123755

Color:dust yellow ArtNo:8123756

Color:redbrown ArtNo:8123848

Color:coral ArtNo:8123752

Color:dusty red ArtNo:8123805

Color:orange ArtNo:8123852

Color:red ArtNo:8123800

Color:red ArtNo:8123802

Color:light coral ArtNo:8123860

Color:coralred ArtNo:8123990