CLASSIC 40 1000M

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CLASSIC 40 1000M

Art. 911 The standard weight for all purposes
CLASSIC 40 1000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:cream ArtNo:9111123

Color:cream ArtNo:9111067

Color:yellow pale ArtNo:9111349

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111083

Color:gold light ArtNo:9111124

Color:yellow ArtNo:9111125

Color:cream ArtNo:9111066

Color:cream ArtNo:9111061

Color:gold ArtNo:9111171

Color:gold ArtNo:9111172

Color:gold ArtNo:9111025

Color:gold ArtNo:9111065

Color:gold ArtNo:9111137

Color:apricot ArtNo:9111217

Color:yellow ArtNo:9111437

Color:gold ArtNo:9111024

Color:yellow ArtNo:9111069

Color:yellow ArtNo:9111068

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111064

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111223

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111180

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111135

Color:cream ArtNo:9111022

Color:lemon ArtNo:9111023

Color:grapefruit ArtNo:9111224

Color:gold ArtNo:9111359

Color:yellow ArtNo:9111159

Color:gold old ArtNo:9111192

Color:peach light ArtNo:9111026

Color:lemon pale ArtNo:9111222

Color:cinnamon ArtNo:9111253

Color:orange dark ArtNo:9111421

Color:ginger ArtNo:9111021

Color:apricot ArtNo:9111155

Color:orange ArtNo:9111478

Color:tangerine ArtNo:9111278

Color:orange ArtNo:9111078

Color:orange ArtNo:9111178

Color:orange deep ArtNo:9111378

Color:orange ArtNo:9111379

Color:pink ArtNo:9111341

Color:apricot ArtNo:9111152

Color:peach pale ArtNo:9111017

Color:peach ArtNo:9111018

Color:peach ArtNo:9111254