FS 40 5000M

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FS 40 5000M

Art. 986 Standard, special twist construction ensure high-speed, trouble-free stitching, smoothness
FS 40 5000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:std. silver ArtNo:9864010

Color:gold white ArtNo:9864022

Color:gold 2 ArtNo:9864002

Color:gold 4 ArtNo:9864004

Color:std. gold 3 ArtNo:9864003

Color:gold 6 ArtNo:9864006

Color:gold 8 ArtNo:9864008

Color:gold 5 ArtNo:9864005

Color:gold 7 ArtNo:9864007

Color:gold 1 ArtNo:9864001

Color:amber ArtNo:9864026

Color:gold rose ArtNo:9864021

Color:copper 2 ArtNo:9864027

Color:copper 1 ArtNo:9864028

Color:bronze ArtNo:9864029

Color:std. alu ArtNo:9864011

Color:titanium ArtNo:9864044

Color:platinum ArtNo:9864061

Color:black pearl ArtNo:9864060

Color:carbon ArtNo:9864070

Color:graphite ArtNo:9864071