CR 40 2500M

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CR 40 2500M

Art. 978 , Standard, Amazingly thread for advanced and beginners. Easy-to-use and no special adjustments
CR 40 2500M

Color:quicksilver ArtNo:9784211

Color:chrome ArtNo:9784210

Color:white gold ArtNo:9784222

Color:palladium ArtNo:9784202

Color:antique gold ArtNo:9784204

Color:fine gold ArtNo:9784203

Color:pure gold ArtNo:9784206

Color:gold nugget ArtNo:9784208

Color:gold medal ArtNo:9784207

Color:gold rose ArtNo:9784201

Color:copper ArtNo:9784228

Color:bronze ArtNo:9784229

Color:tanzanite ArtNo:9784240

Color:platinium ArtNo:9784262

Color:black pearl ArtNo:9784260

Color: platinium ArtNo:9784272

Color:graphite ArtNo:9784271

Color:cobalt ArtNo:9784238

Color:sapphire ArtNo:9784237

Color:aquamarine ArtNo:9784233

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9784265

Color:beryl ArtNo:9784246

Color:amethyst ArtNo:9784212

Color:coral ArtNo:9784213

Color:begonia ArtNo:9784294

Color:ruby ArtNo:9784215

Color:camelia ArtNo:9784288

Color:fire opal ArtNo:9784298

Color:malachite ArtNo:9784252

Color:jade ArtNo:9784249

Color:emerald ArtNo:9784258