FS 30 2500M/5000M

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FS 30 2500M/5000M

Art. 979 and 980 Thicker, the Hard-wearer w/high colour fastness. Withstands chlorine, stone, bleach & 95°
FS 30 2500M/5000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Color:pewter ArtNo:9803044

Color:bronze ArtNo:9793029

Color:gold 32 ArtNo:9803032

Color:gold 34 ArtNo:9803034

Color:diamond ArtNo:9793091

Color:diamond ArtNo:9803091

Color:carbon ArtNo:9793070

Color:carbon ArtNo:9803070

Color:black pearl ArtNo:9793060

Color:black pearl ArtNo:9803060

Color:silver 31 ArtNo:9793031

Color:silver 30 ArtNo:9793030

Color:gold white ArtNo:9793022

Color:gold 33 ArtNo:9793033

Color:gold 37 ArtNo:9793037

Color:copper ArtNo:9793028

Color:copper ArtNo:9793071

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793044

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793042

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793010

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793020

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793012

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793014

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793013

Color:pewter ArtNo:9793015

Color:silver 31 ArtNo:9803031

Color:gold rose ArtNo:9793021

Color:gold rose ArtNo:9793027

Color:silver 30 ArtNo:9803030

Color:gold white ArtNo:9803022

Color:gold 33 ArtNo:9803033

Color:gold 37 ArtNo:9803037

Color:copper ArtNo:9803028