CLASSIC 30 3000M

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CLASSIC 30 3000M

30 weight for deco and filling large areas
CLASSIC 30 3000M

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:black ArtNo:9211000

Color:white ArtNo:9211001

Color:off white ArtNo:9211002

Color:off white ArtNo:9211003

Color:silver grey ArtNo:9211010

Color:pink ArtNo:9211013

Color:pink pale ArtNo:9211015

Color:peach pale ArtNo:9211017

Color:peach pale ArtNo:9211018

Color:lemon ArtNo:9211023

Color:blue mid ArtNo:9211029

Color:blue light ArtNo:9211030

Color:pink ArtNo:9211031

Color:purple ArtNo:9211032

Color:mauve ArtNo:9211033

Color:rust ArtNo:9211038

Color:grey ArtNo:9211040

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9211042

Color:aqua pale ArtNo:9211045

Color:green jade ArtNo:9211046

Color:green jade ArtNo:9211047

Color:green ArtNo:9211048

Color:green ArtNo:9211050

Color:beige ArtNo:9211054

Color:biscuit ArtNo:9211055

Color:caramel ArtNo:9211056

Color:brown light ArtNo:9211057

Color:brown ArtNo:9211058

Color:brown dark ArtNo:9211059

Color:stone ArtNo:9211062

Color:cream ArtNo:9211066

Color:yellow ArtNo:9211068

Color:ivory ArtNo:9211071

Color:blue royal ArtNo:9211076

Color:orange ArtNo:9211078

Color:green ArtNo:9211079

Color:mauve ArtNo:9211080

Color:pink dark ArtNo:9211081

Color:grey pale ArtNo:9211085

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9211089

Color:turquoise ArtNo:9211091

Color:blue pale ArtNo:9211092

Color:green pale ArtNo:9211097

Color:green pale ArtNo:9211100

Color:green ArtNo:9211101