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Who doesn’t love snuggling up with their favourite blankey? Embroider Buddy® blankeys are ready and waiting for your special touch!

Color:blue ArtNo:GB-41395 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:blue ArtNo:GB-41192 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:white ArtNo:GB-41199 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:grey ArtNo:GB-41198 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:brown ArtNo:GB-41194 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-41191 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-41193 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-41396 Format: 76x102 / 41 CM

Color:blue ArtNo:GB-31197 Format: 41 cm

Color:blue ArtNo:GB-31192 Format: 41 cm

Color:white ArtNo:GB-31199 Format: 41 cm

Color:brown ArtNo:GB-31198 Format: 41 cm

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-31196 Format: 41 cm

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-31193 Format: 41 cm

Color:blue ArtNo:GB-61098BL Format: 51 cm

Color:white ArtNo:GB-61095 Format: 51 cm

Color:white ArtNo:GB-61099 Format: 51 cm

Color:cream ArtNo:GB-61089 Format: 51 cm

Color:brown ArtNo:GB-61090 Format: 51 cm

Color:brown ArtNo:GB-61000 Format: 51 cm

Color:brown ArtNo:GB-61092 Format: 51 cm

Color:pink ArtNo:GB-61098P Format: 51 cm