FIRE FIGHTER 40 950M (25G)

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FIRE FIGHTER 40 950M (25G)

Art. 922 for general use - flame and heat retardant thread

The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

Care instructions:
care instructions

Color:green light ArtNo:922N1845

Color:green dark ArtNo:922N1851

Color:green ArtNo:922N1651

Color:orange ArtNo:922N1965

Color:red ArtNo:922N1838

Color:red ArtNo:922N1747

Color:red cherry ArtNo:922N1784

Color:pink ArtNo:922N1815

Color:blue pale ArtNo:922N1874

Color:blue ArtNo:922N1977

Color:blue royal ArtNo:922N1842

Color:blue dark ArtNo:922N1643

Color:yellow bright ArtNo:922N1924

Color:gold ArtNo:922N1624

Color:yellow ArtNo:922N1725

Color:brown ArtNo:922N1957

Color:brown dark ArtNo:922N1859

Color:beige ArtNo:922N1884

Color:sand ArtNo:922N1682

Color:white ArtNo:922N1803

Color:blue pale ArtNo:922N1610

Color:greybrown ArtNo:922N1918

Color:grey ArtNo:922N1640

Color:black ArtNo:922N1800