9834 METALLIC 4 20M

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9834 METALLIC 4 20M

20 m (22 yds) Art. 9834
60 % Viscose – 40 % metallised Polyester

Metallic No. 4 adds metallic shine and a festive look to your embroidery. An easily strandable metallised floss which can be worked as simply as MADEIRA cotton floss Mouliné.  It is very soft and supple and may be divided into four strands for easy embroidery onto different textures.  Available in traditional golds and silvers numerous striking colours.

24 single colours

Metallic colour card

Color:gold pure ArtNo:98344007

Color:gold white ArtNo:98344002

Color:silver pure ArtNo:98344010

Color:silver bright ArtNo:98344011

Color:brass ArtNo:98344004

Color:gold antique ArtNo:98344024

Color:amber ArtNo:98344026

Color:gold rose ArtNo:98344003

Color:gold dust ArtNo:98344022

Color:silver dusty ArtNo:98344000

Color:silver antique ArtNo:98344042

Color:black pale ArtNo:98344060

Color:bronze ArtNo:98344029

Color:copper ArtNo:98344028

Color:malachite ArtNo:98344052

Color:brocade ArtNo:98344021

Color:emerald ArtNo:98344057

Color:turquoise ArtNo:98344065

Color:amethyst ArtNo:98344012

Color:coral ArtNo:98344013

Color:ruby ArtNo:98344014

Color:sapphire ArtNo:98344036

Color:aqua marine ArtNo:98344033

Color:granite ArtNo:98344061